1. Control Dust.
Dust can be a serious health hazard. It carries chemicals that have leads and pesticides that have been in the home or business. Make sure you use a dampened cloth when cleaning it to ensure a better adhere.
2. Keep Floors Vacuumed.
Vacuuming will not only help to remove dust, but it will also remove other contaminants that could sicken persons inside the home. To help keep dirt levels low and other harmful substances out of the house, remove shoes before entering. Shoes can track anything that has been stepped on into the home.  
3. Check Walls and Windows.
Both walls and windows can be a source of health problems without the proper maintenance. Inspecting and repairing both areas should be a part of a  maintenance checklist. To prevent drafts and excess moisture from entering the home or office make sure you replace or repair the caulking around the home’s doors and windows. 
Make sure the painting from your Walls is not deteriorated, this will damage the lifespan of these materials.
4. Check Trims.
Trims like any other part of your home require maintenance. Make sure that the trims from your doors and windows are in good condition. Having the proper painting will make your home look more appealing, besides that, it will protect your home or office from other elements like moisture, insects, etc…
5. Check for Moisture.
Moisture can cause numerous health problems. besides that, moisture attracts rodents and insects. To reduce these risks make any repairs to leaky sinks or pipes as quickly as possible. Having the proper ventilation and paint will control moisture from damaging your home’s elements and your loved ones.
6. Keep Air Filters clean.
Clean air filters will help keep pollution out of the air. Cleaning filters can be as simple as removing them and shaking them clean. Make sure you clean them outside of your home or office to keep dirt from circulating in the house or office. Schedule this to be done once a month or every 45 days.
7. Check the Exterior.
Look for signs of wear and tear in the walls, trims, siding, roof, etc…  Repaint and repair the elements that are loose or where paint has begun to peel. Make sure you repair and repaint this elements as soon as possible, doing this on time will give you the security of knowing you are protecting your home or office from the moisture, insects and other negative components that can damage the health.
8. Check Cooling and Heating systems.
Climate control systems can become a major potential conductor of pollution in the home considering that this circulate through the whole house or office. Make sure to schedule the cleaning of vents and the cleaning or replacement of filters. This regular maintenance of climate control systems is also necessary to prevent performance losses and/or breakdowns.