Most painting decisions come down to personal preference, but the type of paint you choose requires a clear understanding of the difference between oil and latex based paint. The factors to consider are the following:
– Dry time
– Price
– Durability
– Paint smell
– Finish
– Difficulty in application

Oil paint has a harder consistency, making it less likely to crack or bubble. It’s also self-levelling, this gives oil paint a glossy finish. But those same properties that give oil paint its durability, also give it the nod in terms of finish. Too much primer will make normally thick oil paint watery.
To achieve a glossy finish with latex a skilled painter is required. However, if you aren’t looking for a glossy finish and would like something more matte, than latex is the right choice for your project.
At the end of the day, it’s important to determine what part of the home or business are you repainting, your budget, and what final look you’re going for.
Before making this decision we recommend you to hire professionals that have dedicated their lives to the craft of painting.